Sysmex XNL 550

Sysmex XNL 550

263x252 Proven and innovative technologies that deliver the most comprehensive CBC and differential available

Advanced measures of hematopoiesis:

    • Leukopoiesis—Automated immature granulocytes and low WBC mode for confidence in even the lowest of WBC counts and differentials – Erythropoiesis—Nucleated RBCs, reticulocyte hemoglobin (RET-He) and immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF).

Onboard Rules :

  • provide efficient Repeat, Rerun, Reflex based on your own criteria.
  • The precision and accuracy you expect from Sysmex: — Identifies nucleated RBC directly in the white cell channel, eliminating the need for WBC count corrections — Enhances and optimizes flagging for abnormal cells, increasing the number of reportable results — Adds separate body fluid counts, including a two-part differential.

Automated Sample Loader

  • Intelligent, Integrated Rack Sampling.
  • Automatic Rerun & Reflex functionality.