Sysmex NX 1000

Sysmex NX 1000


The XN-Series changes the way hematology will be performed in the modern clinical laboratory. This new compact platform offers:

  • Proven and innovative technologies that deliver the most comprehensive CBC and differential available .
  • Advanced measures of hematopoiesis: – Leukopoiesis—Automated immature granulocytes and low WBC mode for confidence in even the lowest of WBC counts and differentials – Erythropoiesis—Nucleated RBCs, reticulocyte hemoglobin (RET-He) and immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF) – Thrombopoiesis—Immature platelet fraction (IPF) and fluorescent platelet count (PLT-F) .
  • Productivity and efficiency enhancements with Intelligent Automation including the ability to achieve auto-validation in excess of 85%, using Sysmex WAM™ .
  • Sophisticated Lavender Top Management® to optimize the number of tests you can perform on a single hematology sample.

Automated Sample Loader

  • Intelligent, Integrated Rack Sampling .
  • Automatic Rerun & Reflex functionality .

Technology that Advances Accuracy

  • Specificity and Productivity New fluorescent dyes increase cellular specificity.
  • The precision and accuracy you expect from Sysmex: — Identifies nucleated RBC directly in the white cell channel, eliminating the need for WBC count corrections — Enhances and optimizes flagging for abnormal cells, increasing the number of reportable results — Adds separate body fluid counts, including a two-part differential.
  • Improved platelet analysis using a platelet-specific fluorescent dye—the all-new PLT-F method. This provides immature platelet fraction (IPF) results and improved platelet performance on challenging specimens. (Only Lab in Bharuch that provide this important Parameter).
  • User-defined rerun and reflex testing reduces manual intervention (e.g., reflexing to PLT-F means more reportable platelet counts).