QwikCheck Gold

Qwik Check Gold

263x252Like its big brother, the SQA-V™ Gold, the QwikCheck™ Gold delivers 16 clinical parameters in 75 seconds with far greater precision and accuracy compared to the manual method. The system has an internal archive, optional label printer, and simple functionality. Designed for smaller labs on a budget, this system is the perfect automated solution for routine fertility screening and sperm banking quality control.

NOTE: This system is not currently sold in the US market.


  • Reports sperm count, morphology, motility and 13 additional parameters
  • Requires no sample dilution
  • 0.25ml and 20 micro liter sample size options
  • Runs fresh, washed, and frozen sample types
  • Runs latex bead or stabilized sperm quality control material
  • Self testing, self calibrating, External label printer, disposable testing capillary