How to Pick the Right Medical Laboratory Technician Program

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What do you want to do after you graduate from high school or college? For some people that is a tough Medical Laboratory Technician Collegequestion. I know for myself it was a difficult task to figure out what I wanted to do and matching my goals with my strong qualities. After high school I went to a four year college and got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. After not finding much work in that field I struggled to know what to do next. I spent time researching different schools I could go to that could better fit my career goals. I searched numerous schools before I decided on the community college that had the degree of Medical Laboratory Technician. I then expanded my search come just local schools to colleges and universities that had a Medical Laboratory Technician program and were three hours away from my home. I knew I did not want to move across the country since I enjoyed living close to family and friends.

After thinking and examining my own life for the strengths and qualities that I had I knew that the medical field was a good fit because it combined science and interactions with patients. I thought about what kind of careers I could do in the medical field and came across the Medical Laboratory field. I researched schools in the area and saw that there were several that were close to where I lived. I then set about researching each school figuring out the price, how long it would take to graduate and how likely I would get a job after I graduated.

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