Quality Policy

The labensures for total satisfaction of our users by providing reliable, accurate and timely quality testing services and strive for continual improvement.

GunjanLab is committed to achieve this by:

  • Proper sample collection, stabilization, transport, sample preparation and identification.
  • Maintaining accurate and state of art technology equipment’s for testing and ethical practices.
  • Establishing the good professional practice, examinations that are fit for intended use.
  • Compliance with the requirements of ISO 15189 and continual improvement of the quality of laboratory services by congenial working environment, Compliance to the standard procedures, and maintaining good housekeeping.
  • Communicating the quality policy within the organization to ensure that all employees have understood and are maintaining on their day to day work.
  • Data reported in a clear form and supplemented with relevant information, including reference intervals to allow reliable clinical interpretation.

The Objectives of Management System are:

  • To understand the needs and strive to earn confidence of the customer to satisfy the need of customer (patient/doctors).
  • To ensure that tests are always carried–out in accordance with established methods.
  • To adhere to the minimum possible CV% of the analytes.
  • Continual improvement of performance through review and actions, feedback, updating to latest technology (Equipment’s and training needs).
  • In order to ensure the quality, laboratory participate in various EQAS on yearly basis with results of those EQAS will be 95% within acceptable limit.
  • Strict adherence of to turnaround time with 95% compliance to it.