About Us



  • Quest for excellence reflects in everything we do.
  • We continuously evaluate our own performance.
  • We exceed customer expectation and improve our standard of excellence.
  • Everyone in the organization feel the spirit of excellence.


Delighting customers by constantly exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, service, value and time.


  • Obesity-Metabolic Syndrome with HOME Score
  • Executive Health Checkup(Male)
  • Executive Health Checkup(Female)
  • Super Extended Health Checkup/Profile
  • Diabetic Profile
  • Anemia Workup


  • Lab was started in 1983 at Shalimar complex. Today, the main lab is located at Falshrutinagar and having five collection centres , three of them in Bharuch city while two are in Ankleshwar city. Lab has long-standing quality service record since 1983.
  • At present, we have a team of more than 50 dedicated personnel and team of trained technicians.
  • Lab believes in the best technology, and for that lab having instruments which are at par with metro cities across the India and world. In 2014 Gunjan lab was first private lab in Gujarat to have Sysmex XN1000 with Florescent platelet Count and Sysmex UF 500iFully automated urine sediment instrument.
  • We were the first lab in Bharuch, which started blood collection with close system and sample barcoding.
  • Team of pathologist covers different sub specialities. Lab service is comprehensive and special set up exists in all sub branches of pathology (Clinical chemistry, Haematology, Surgical Pathology, Clinical Pathology and Microbiology) with state of the art equipment’s which handles large amount of patient samples.
  • We have comprehensive built in internal quality control system. We are participating in EQAS since last 15years or more.
  • We were the first lab in Bharuch, which started blood collection with close system and sample barcoding.


The lab ensures for total satisfaction of our users by providing reliable, accurate and timely quality testing services and strive for continual improvement.

  • Compliance with the requirements of ISO 15189 and continual improvement of the quality of laboratory services by congenial working environment, Compliance to the standard procedures, and maintaining good housekeeping.
  • Maintaining accurate and state of art technology equipment’s for testing and ethical practices.
  • Establishing the good professional practice, examinations that are fit for intended use.
  • Proper sample collection, stabilization, transport, sample preparation and identification.
  • Communicating the quality policy within the organization to ensure that all employees have understood and are maintaining on their day to day work.
  • Data reported in a clear form and supplemented with relevant information, including reference intervals to allow reliable clinical interpretation.